punk subgenres

What are all punk subgenres that you know? In order to fully understand the nature of punk music, it’s important to be aware of all the forms it comes in. Punk is no longer just about the Sex Pistols and the Ramones; there are many punk subgenres with different influences and different sounds. Some punk subgenres are :

Anarcho Punk
The foundations of this movement can be linked to one song. The Sex Pistols first single, “Anarchy in the UK”, was the first time punk and anarchy would be connected, and it would give rise to this specific subgenre. Anarcho punk isn’t entirely about anarchy, but it is heavily politically motivated. Its lyrics often convey messages about political issues, including animal rights and anti-government stances.Many anarcho punk bands believe that political change should be affected “by any means necessary.”

Celtic Punk
Celtic punk is essentially punk rock accompanied by traditional Irish instruments. As a musical movement, it was founded in the ’80s by the Pogues, a band of punk musicians in London who were seeking to reclaim their Irish heritage. Celtic punk bands often play a blend of traditional Irish folk and political songs as well as original compositions. While the plight of the Irish people throughout history is often a topic of their songs, it’s not considered an overtly political movement.

Cowpunk is a strange marriage of country and punk rock. An offshoot of the psychobilly movement, cowpunk pays tribute to old country and honkytonk bands. While it’s more melodic than psychobilly music, and has a harder edge than later alt country bands, cowpunk tends to share a following with both of those other types of music as well.

Gypsy Punk (AKA Immigrant Punk)
Essentially punk rock that reflects Eastern European roots, the idea of Gypsy Punk was essentially spawned by Gogol Bordello who, while they may not have been the first, are definitely the most well known. While the word Gypsy suggests roots in Romany, this isn’t always the case, and bands under the Gypsy punk moniker often reflect Russian and Jewish musical traditions, as well as a wide variety of world music influences. Utilizing traditional Eastern European instruments and music and mixing them with punk sensibilities, Gypsy Punk is known for its high energy, ethnic pride and sweaty, dance positive live performances.



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