Music, for me, is like the heartbeat of the world outside of ourselves.  Music can lift me up, take me down, (waaaaay down if I am not careful…), but always it inspires and renews me.  I see music as colors.  Sometimes they are deep and rich, at other times they are pastoral and soft.  But no matter the color; Music creates and enhances moods, it can transport us outside of ourselves or take us deep inside.  Music is like magic… only it is far more tangible and easy for us to relate to.

Music talks to me.  Music can paint images inside my mind.  It sometimes whispers secrets and shares stories that I would otherwise never have dreamt up.  Music has always been a part of the human experience it is an expression of our love, pain, growth, hate… It is a reflection of everything that we are and can be.  It is the true ties that bind us to the past and to our future… for no matter what… no matter where… there will always be music to illuminate the moments that define us.



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